From the recording The Homespun Dress

Immediately after Fort Sumter was fired upon, Lincoln called for a blockade of Southern ports. He hoped it would dissuade other states from joining the Confederacy, but, like his calling up of troops, it had the opposite effect. Southern women could no longer get the fine cloth and fashions they had enjoyed from Europe, and took up spinning to support the war effort.  Wearing homespun became a badge of honor.


Oh, yes I am a Southern girl and glory in the name,
And boast it with a greater pride than glittering wealth or fame.
I envy not the Northern girl with her robes of beauty rare,
Though diamonds grace her snowy neck and pearls bedeck her hair.
Hurrah, hurrah, for the sunny South so dear.
Three cheers for the Homespun Dress that Southern ladies wear.
My homespun dress is plain, I know, my hat's palmetto, too,
But  it only shows what Southern girls for southern rights will do.
We've sent the bravest of our land to battle with the foe,
And we will lend a helping hand, for we love the South, you know.
The Southern land's a glorious land and has a glorious cause.
Three cheers, three cheers for Southern rights and for our Southern boys!
We sent our sweethearts to the war, but dear girls never mind,
Your soldier boy will ne'er forget the girl he left behind.