From the recording Clear the Track

Written in 1844 by Jesse Hutchinson, to the tune of Old Dan Tucker, Clear the Track had a great influence on people, similar to Harriett Beecher Stowe's Uncle Tom's Cabin, although not remembered today.  The Hutchinson Family Singers, three brothers and their little sister, performed at anti-slavery rallies all over the free states, sharing the stage with Frederick Douglass, William Lloyd Garrison, Angelina Grimke, and many more.  Their appeal was huge and their message clear: Emancipation!  Now!


Ho, the car emancipation rides majestic through our nation,
Bearing on its train the story, Liberty, a nation's glory.
Roll it along!  Roll it along!
Roll it along through the nation: freedom's car, emancipation.
All true friends of emancipation, haste to freedom's railroad station,
Quick into the cars get seated, all is ready and completed.
Put on the steam, put on the steam,
Put on the steam, all are crying and the freedom flags are flying.
Now again the bell is tolling; soon you'll see the car wheels rolling,
Hinder not their destination, chartered for emancipation.
Wood up the fire, wood up the fire!
Wood up the fire, keep it flashing, while the train goes onward dashing.
Hear the mighty car wheels humming, now look out, the engine's coming!
Church and statesmen hear the thunder, clear the track, or you'll fall under.
Get off the track!  Get off the track!
Get off the track, all are singing, while the Liberty bell is ringing.
See the people run to meet us; at the depot thousands greet us.
All take seats with exultation in the car emancipation.
Huzza, huzza!  Huzza, huzza!
Huzza, huzza! Emancipation soon will bless our happy nation.