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Monica Grabin: Singing History

SINGING HISTORY programs dynamically present the history of America using period songs and their stories. (click for full description)

Singing History is my name for a series of programs which have been presented in schools throughout Maine and New England since 1986. Thousands of children have been entertained and educated through these programs. My work is recognized by the Maine Arts Commission and the New England Foundation for the Arts, and I have received numerous grants to present single programs and residencies. I've also presented these programs to adults through libraries, historical societies, churches and other organizations. In each program, the songs people sang during each time period are used to illustrate the history being taught, and the fascinating true stories of how this country has grown are used to illuminate the songs. I accompany myself on a variety of instruments, including guitar, banjo, autoharp, limberjack, bones, bodhran, tambourine, and lots of other percussive stuff. The result is a very engaging and memorable experience which really solidifies concepts and brings what is often seen as a boring subject to life. Every presentation has been carefully researched and is age and curriculum appropriate. To see descriptions of many of the different programs, please select from the programs listed on the Singing History Programs page that can be accessed from the Music/Programs tab.