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Monica Grabin: Song Lyrics & Clips

"We'll Rally 'Round the Flag - The Civil War in Song" A Singing History CD (Click for Info)

WE'LL RALLY 'ROUND THE FLAG - THE CIVIL WAR IN SONG presents the story of the Civil War as told through its songs (click for full description)

(Monica Grabin)
May 1, 2011

Pick a Bale of Cotton

Follow the Drinkin' Gourd

Lincoln and Liberty

(Jesse Hutchinson - 1860)

Go Down, Moses

Clear the Track

(Jesse Hutchinson - 1844)

The Bonnie Blue Flag

(Harry McCarthy - 1861)

The Homespun Dress

(Carrie Belle Sinclair - c.1862)

The Battle of Shiloh Hill

(words by M.G. Hill, music tradtional, c.1862)

The Vacant Chair

(words by Henry Washburn, music by George F. Root, 1861)

The Battle Cry of Freedom

(George F. Root - 1862)

Weeping, Sad and Lonely

(words by Charles Sawyer, music by Henry Tucker, 1862)


Oh, Freedom

Just Before the Battle, Mother

Farewell, Mother


(words by H.D.L. Webster, music by J.P. Webster - 1857)

Many Thousands Gone

Kingdom Coming, or The Year of Jubilo

Goober Peas

Richmond is a Hard Road to Travel

Tenting Tonight

(Watler Kittredge - 1863)

The Good Old Rebel

(words by Major James Randolph, music tradtional)

The Battle Hymn of the Republic

(words by Julia Ward Howe, music traditional - 1862)